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Amiga on a PC monitor.


I've just registered and have a random question

Currently, I am using my Amiga (A1200) on a 40" Smart TV with an RGB to Scart lead. It works perfectly.

However, it is really awkward playing on the TV and I'd much rather play at my desk on the PC monitor.

I have tried two different Scart to HDMI converters on the monitor and it did not work.

How do I find out if my monitor can handle the lower res (15 KHz is it?)?

I have bought a VGA cable and was thinking of using this for the picture:

and then buying this for the sound cables:

Is this likely to work?

My monitor is a iiyama ProLite B2888UHSU (a 4k monitor) and it has 1 VGA port, 2 HDMI2 (HDMI2?!?!?!) ports, two 'display ports', some USB ports and a DVGA port.

I'd love to sit at my desk and play.

Thanks for your time!
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