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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Interesting. But this is no proof, and I am not going to search through the pages history to verify that images are lacking because of Copyright issues.

If you are certain they are, then the link is welcome.
Of course it is because of copyright issues. A dictionary isn't improved by having nonsense illustrations.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat
Only after publication, not before, unless they have some magical way to know the exact content in advance. (There is likely a disclaimer somewhere indicating that the current trailer/images is no guarantee of the final content.)

Remember, Nintendo was able to stop this because they pressured the founding company. If this was a regular book publisher they would have no recourse before the actual publication.
By the time you put your work on Kickstarter, you're in commercial territory, effectively selling your work. By that time, you should know very well whose work you're selling, and whether you have the legal right to do so.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat
Funny and particularly easy to say from the comfort of our homes but without more information this is just speculation. We simply have no information about this guy professionalism and assuming anything is just wishful thinking.
When you're dealing with defunct companies like Ocean or Bitmap Brothers, aiming for a niche market of Amiga fans, you may play it leisurely. But when you're dealing with Nintendo (and its millions of fans), the stakes are some orders of magnitude higher.
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