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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
Bloated end user code written in high level languages which only works because there are X number of cores running over GHz speeds, and it still lags more often than not.
Most programs out there are still written in C++ and I doubt anyone reasonable would call this a high level language. Python, Ruby, Lisp, Haskell, ML are high level languages but they represent a minuscule fraction of the bloated programs you mention (10% at most and I'm probably too generous by an order of magnitude).
Bloat has nothing to do with high level, it also has to do with complexity and feature set.
I read a lot of people dreaming about small and efficient programs of the old days but you cannot really compare the feature list of DPaint and Photoshop, the latter offers literally thousand times more features than the former so of course it is going to be bigger.

Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
I admire developers like David Braben who developed games that worked sufficient on 64kb 8-bit computers, the tricks of demo developers were astonishing and s on. But times have changed. At that time a lot of efforts were made to let it fit on disks and run on limited hardware but not voluntary in all cases... I can remember reading of one developer that moaned that he has to invest more time in optimizations than in game play. Commercial developers then solved it their way... they dropped support
As you said they did it because they had no choice and all dreamt of bigger and faster computers, which the Amiga was. I am not sure why we should regret that the movement continued after the Amiga? There are no reasons to think that programs would not have grown in size on that platform as well.

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
All this AmiBlitz talk reminds me of something else we need on 68k Macs.
Python is THE defacto language for modern development. I don't think you can do Blender3D now without Python.
So yeah. 68K Python. It might be MORE important than anything else I listed because DEVELOPERS...
Python has lost a lot of its popularity IMO, it is a nice language but on the Amiga it is going to be slow as hell, especially on 68k.

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
It sounds like you're lamenting that games like ED don't fit on a floppy disk any more. If that's not what you mean then you have my profuse apologies (you can also have them for my being here since that appears to have somehow upset you). I'm just pointing out that the massive difference in size that you don't like does have some substantial benefits.
This, a thousand times.
Although I concur that the video games industry could use (way) more procedural generation, these sizes have a pretty good explanation: assets, assets, assets.

If you want Elite Dangerous to look and sound beautiful on a 2k screen you must accept that it will take several GB because that is what is needed to render quality images onscreen. Daedalus is right that most textures are around 1MB in size and they have to when your screen is 2k+, it's either that or the result is an ugly N64 fest of blurriness.

I currently work on a game where the landscape is a patch of around 400km square of terrain. If anyone here can find a way for this to fit under 64 MB just for the heightmap you guys are most welcome but I won't be holding my breath.
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