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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
1) I don't know of any.
2) You can boot with 1.x to 3.1 ROMs since it just loads its own custom ROM images into RAM and reboots into them.

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
1.almost. 68k nightly is isch an iso, but it needs few adjustments before it will boot on your 1200. good news a1200 ide is well supported by aros, so after that it will boot dependably. you can use aros vision too, but it is a bit, lets say, "bloated" in comparison to a nightly that consists basically of 20mb.

2. you can boot (softkick) from aros from an amiga kickstart, when you add an appropriate command on the beginning of your startup sequence. im not sure if it is present in aros vision, outta the box, certainly not in the nightly.

3. ..pfs3, which is one id choose.
Thanks. I can probably softkick using the 'acatune -maprom <romfile>' command for the accelerator, never tried though.

Are these the nightly builds you refer to?
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