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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
It is really sad how much the software world has changed in 20 years. I mean, you had games like Frontier on the Amiga that included a WHOLE galaxy and fitted on a single 880k floppy disk, and now you have stuff like Elite 4 (which is sh*t in my opinion) that is multiples of Gigabytes in size and half the gameplay. It stinks the way that computers and software have changed.
What's sad is when games are bug fests at release and have to receive a million patches. That games are big these days isn't sad, releasing shitty games is sad, has always been sad and will always be sad. The fact that games games can be gigabytes in size is fantastic, but it would be nice to see them do something else with that space than just add more gfx/snd.

Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
My Aros distribution is on hold at the moment, I understand that people prefer the old original Amiga OS with lots of patches to it and I am fine with that. I just lack (next to time) motivation to do something with it.
The problem is speed and compatibility. If Aros was at least as fast as AOS3, and ran the same software, then it would be a different story. Of course, that's not so easily achieved.
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