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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Your there again aren't you?
Ummm... What? Yes, I'm here. I did post.

Elite Dangerous on floppy disk? WTF, I don't recall anyone saying that, I know I didn't. Are you for real or what?
From your earlier post:
It is really sad how much the software world has changed in 20 years. I mean, you had games like Frontier on the Amiga that included a WHOLE galaxy and fitted on a single 880k floppy disk, and now you have stuff like Elite 4 (which is sh*t in my opinion) that is multiples of Gigabytes in size and half the gameplay. It stinks the way that computers and software have changed.
It sounds like you're lamenting that games like ED don't fit on a floppy disk any more. If that's not what you mean then you have my profuse apologies (you can also have them for my being here since that appears to have somehow upset you). I'm just pointing out that the massive difference in size that you don't like does have some substantial benefits.
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