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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
It is really sad how much the software world has changed in 20 years. I mean, you had games like Frontier on the Amiga that included a WHOLE galaxy and fitted on a single 880k floppy disk, and now you have stuff like Elite 4 (which is sh*t in my opinion) that is multiples of Gigabytes in size and half the gameplay. It stinks the way that computers and software have changed.
Opinions aside, do you really expect developers to optimise games like ED to run off a floppy disk? I'd be very surprised if you could find a single texture in the entire game that you could fit on a floppy disk. In an age where people have 4K displays and VR headsets, they don't want non-textured, 320x200 pixel games, which were adequate at the time but looked extremely dated even 15 years ago. Anyway, you'll find that the executable code for ED isn't all that big - the overwhelming majority of the space taken up is by assets. The galaxy generation code itself probably still fits on a floppy disk, after all it's just a matter of some procedural generation.

Just downloaded Amiblitz 3.6.1 on Sourceforge. Didn't know it was open source now, shows how out of touch I am with programming languages.
I just read in a forum post that it's AGA only and requires a FPU to run, whereas Blitz 2 didn't.
It doesn't require AGA, it just needs a reasonable-sized screenmode as the editor has grown since the Blitz 2.1 days. I'd say 640x512 as a minimum, but I mostly run it on a graphics card at 1920x1200 these days, which is far more comfortable. FPU as a requirement is unfortunate I guess, but if you're looking to develop on such a low-end machine that it doesn't have an FPU, then maybe Blitz 2.1 is a better bet. The Ultimate Blitz CD can be found on, and a fixed install script can be downloaded from here. This gives you the most up-to-date Blitz 2.1 setup you can get without the extra requirements of AmiBlitz, though also without the benefits of the many updates that have been made in the meantime.

Not a problem as my A1200 has a FPU, and there is always WinUAE.
I will give all this a look through and dig up some tips and help resources to read.
The first thing I would recommend is that you download a snapshot from Sourceforge, there are some changes since 3.6.1 that are worth getting, a few bug fixes and so on. has some useful information and simple guides on programming with Blitz 2 and AmiBlitz, so it might be useful for starting out with.

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