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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
To be precise, it is a doctrine and yes, the term is US specific but most civilized countries have similar ones thank god, otherwise there would be very few history and art books around there.
The UK is much more strict than other countries, the US has always had an exemption for works of satire for instance, in UK law this is a very new thing (2014).

History and art books are a different matter altogether though, since anything sufficiently old is out of copyright anyway.

There is an exemption in UK law for work used in "criticism and review" but to be honest i think it is really stretching it in this case, given the way the artwork is so prominently displayed, what the phrase "visual compendium" implies (i.e. that it is a book of artwork), that anyone buying it will hardly need a "review" of the games anyway and that as Bitmap Books says themselves it is to "relive your memories of classic gaming". I think they would have a hard time arguing fair use for criticism and review in a court of law. Then again, i'm no lawyer.

I'm not aware of any jurisdiction that has an exemption for "nostalgia".

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