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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post

Use this one:

and run:
You'll end up with a .dll file when building on Windows, and an .so file for other platforms.
This does not work.

The first file it will fail to find is "log.h" which is in /include/qemu/log.h but the source expects it in uae/log.h so you can't even supply an include path before make.

The original link I gave, the fs-uae one that then downloads qemu-uae does have the correct directory structure to then copy the files from WinUAE-Master to to then use the fs-uae make and it builds for some versions. However, this is a total hack so I'd be grateful if you gave detailed instruction on how to actually do it right.

Thank you.

Edit: It just totally dawned on me that I should clone WinUAE-Master and then clone qemu-uae within it, would that be the right approach?

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