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Originally Posted by klokwirk View Post
We aren't all on the East coast. Hello from sunny Perth, West Australia. If you'de like to reminisce I invite you to check out the 'Commodore Cave' here.... [ Show youtube player ]
watch to the end for the best one.
Ahhh, cool, I saw your video about getting the NOS A1200 the other day, but hadn't seen this one. I have to admit to being slightly envious of your Commodore Cave, so many memories there, I had the same Star Printer at one stage, and have owned a 500/600/1200/2000/CD32 and 4000/040 in the past, along with a vic 20. I wish I ad the room to start up a collection like that - that was one of the reasons I decided on an A600, it can live in the cabinet under the TV in the lounge room, and simply be taken out when myself or one of the other members of the family want to use it. I'm sure the kids will enjoy it when I've got it all set up, I can see them getting hours of enjoyment out of deluxe paint and deluxe music, and maybe even AMOS Pro.

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Glad you're getting it sorted I reckon a 3.1 ROM is a good idea, there are very few reasons not to (mostly old games compatibility), and I think the Vampire needs 3.1 anyway. Productivity software like you mentioned should run fine under 3.1, and it gives you the option of running 3.5 or 3.9 should you wish.
Good points, thank you. I think most games that wouldn't work with the 3.1 Kickstart probably wouldn't work with the 2.05 Kickstart anyway, and Maybe something like relokick may work for some of those old games if they don't work with WHDload - or I could just get an A500 and make some rom for it too, hahaha.

I'm really looking forward to getting this back and re-discovering the joys of using an Amiga again.

I'm thinking my first purchases should be a 1Mb expansion, a 9pin "atari" style joystick and a IDE to CF adapter with CF card to store workbench and WHDload games on. Then probably a 3.1 ROM and put in my order for a Vampire while I still can!
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