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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
But the same could be said with hundreds of crappy Amiga ports, that were made with a tiny fraction of the staff and budget, doesn't mean the Amiga was incapable.
Well, yes, this very kitten has said multiple times that the arcade crepes we were served were filled with goat droppings in place of chocolate.

You are right regarding production constraints obviously but we were comparing machines anyway, not delving into why such or such end result got pooped onto our unsuspecting younger selves. (This said, I would argue that even that is not a valid excuse, just look at The Sales Curve arcade ports: good to high quality with same team size.)

And I agree with the rest of what you said after.

Originally Posted by vulture View Post

The thing about SotB is that it's not a particularly great game itself. The thing that made it famous is its outdoor levels and how beautiful they look and that has much to do with the colours displayed. And those *could* be approximated with some more effort on a MD, but, ultimately, it would still be lacking in both colour quantity and quality.
Yes to everything safe for your last sentence but obviously to prove my point I would have to port the damn beast.
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