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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
do you speak of amiga community? :-)
I was dreaming of a "non-commercial" world there for a bit as my mind wandered, and was thinking of EAB, but the whole Amiga community? Why not, it's high time to join all those different camps, the more the merrier.

one of the problem is that developers often get no reward (be it donations or simply feedback) and then give up. I do not want to talk down others who are happy I only explain why Matthew (propably) made his comment. We should see the situation how it is. I am personally at the moment have different personal trouble (real life) and I have enough to do and to learn in normal world running boring development environments on boring bloated OS and am not unhappy with it. I have not much time at the moment but that might change somewhen. My Aros distribution is on hold at the moment, I understand that people prefer the old original Amiga OS with lots of patches to it and I am fine with that. I just lack (next to time) motivation to do something with it.
I feel a bit like an idiot, was not aware you worked on an Aros dist, another project I missed. After searching around this URL seems relevant (assuming it is correct):

Over the years I have read news about Aros now and then, but always saved it for the day when I want to install something similar to AmigaOS on x86. Was unaware until now that there is a 68k version. Checking the website now.


I think "Aros Vision PAL" is the one to try on my A1200 (details in sig). I have a few questions:

1) Are there any "ready to use" image dumps I can just 'dd' onto an empty CF card?
2) Can I boot it with 3.1 ROMs?
3) What file systems are supported?

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