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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
I bought a load of Amiga stuff of a friend a couple of year ago and there is a Amiga-E manual in there, I haven't seen any disks for it though, but that's not really a problem, I will have a read through it at some point.
Thanks for the heads up on Amiblitz, I didn't know there was a new version, I will look it up now.
Amiblitz was formly Blitz Basic, some devs got the permission to develop on it, they reassembled it (the original sources were lost) and improved it. It is not bad, includes editor, fast compiler and a number of includes so you can do pretty much with it. One difference to Amos is that Blitz Basic always supported AGA, there is one AGA-extension for Amos too (also preinstalled in amos pro in aros vision) but I have only made some short tests to see if the extension works (loaded 256 colors IFF picture and showed it). There were a number of languages and dialects in that times, mostly based on Pascal. Of course mostly used and supported (next to amiga-E) was C/C++.

the list of languages that are integrated and preinstalled in aros vision:
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