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I do not know if it is just fear something will be no longer supported. In the 68k time (up to 1998) you got plenty of patches and clever developers squeezed every cycle out of the old processors. You can have everything, a simple workbench or something eye-candy. People developed their taste, have set up their specific configuration depending on their tastes. On a new OS with different roms the old patches mostly (with exceptions) do not work anymore, also it is "bloated" for the purists because it includes many features the old workbench never supported. For the "eye candy" people it is perhaps not bloated enough I guess...
The trick is I think, not to lose heart. I can understand it must be hard after you put so much work, sweat and tears into it, but there IS folk out there that DO appreciate it.
I can't understand the mindset of some in the Amiga community either, you're not on your own there. They seem to want everything for nothing just so they can moan about it half of the time, the rest of the time they just seem to make comments that bring dissent.
As for renewed interest, I am one of them. I have had a lot more free time this last few month since I had to stop work, and have been using my Amiga's more.
What I know about coding is limited to very simple and short Basic programs on the Atari 800XL and ZX Spectrum back in the 1980's, but I intend to try and learn now.
A few month ago I purchased a boxed Easy Amos and will start with that, if I get anywhere I will move to Amos Pro and then Blitz Basic and so-on. I have the interest, but like you not much motivation. Who knows? This time next year I may need Aros 68k to code on!
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