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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Aros 68k will come into its own once Vampire is readily available I think. I will most certainly be installing it on at least one of my Amiga's, probably the A2000 once it has a vampire.
I do not think that anymore... I thought it would expecially after the vampire / apollo devs said it would be their main platform for new development. But there was a partly hateful reaction by parts of the community, people want their 3.X with their beloved patches, then it will never run as fast on 68k as 3.X did or does (different heritage) and from what I read I think Gunnar is still preferring 3.X, Aros would be plan B so to say because you get it free of charge and developers work on it for free. At the same time he is still looking at 3.X. That is no convincing concept (at least for me) so I am not involved there anymore. We will see what future will bring.
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