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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
I think commercial sounds boring, if the heart is not in it what's the point?

OK, to be fair, I have to do shit to make money as well, but it's not something that burns my midnight oil smiling while watching a shining CRT screen.

Imagine what you could achieve driven by challenging limits and friends who really appreciate your effort in a community where people share everything.
do you speak of amiga community? :-)

one of the problem is that developers often get no reward (be it donations or simply feedback) and then give up. I do not want to talk down others who are happy I only explain why Matthew (propably) made his comment. We should see the situation how it is. I am personally at the moment have different personal trouble (real life) and I have enough to do and to learn in normal world running boring development environments on boring bloated OS and am not unhappy with it. I have not much time at the moment but that might change somewhen. My Aros distribution is on hold at the moment, I understand that people prefer the old original Amiga OS with lots of patches to it and I am fine with that. I just lack (next to time) motivation to do something with it.
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