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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
I have a cheap Wacom tablet connected to an Amiga in case you need some testing. Don't know if it supports pressure at all, though.
If it supports pressure can you download the testing tool(AmigaOSTabletAPI) from the aminet and give us a hint what the max value for pressure is.
It's in "Wacom_150.lha" in the Develop drawer.

@ Toni
Is there any way to change the left klick threshold?
Or even better can I disable the leftklick for the pen somehow?

And how can I disable the Mouse?
Even if I set it to "none" it is still there.

I can't klick anymore but it still moves the pointer.Did I miss something?

As long as the the mousepointer is moved to the upper right corner of the screen, with my mouse(or the touch mouse of the tablet) thats not a big deal.
But if it moves (just a few pixel to the right or down is enough) the pen behaves not as expected.

As soon as you press the tip of the pen onto the tablet the pointer jumps towards the position of the (other?) pointer(moved by the real mouse) and back to the original position of the pen.

It seems to be related to the klick event sent by the pen to simulate a left mousebutton. It does not happen constantly only for a microsecond.
If you hold it down tight it draws normal. Once you release it it jumps again.

Maybe it's the left klick, send by the tablet, that confuses the system to think it has to use the mouse now. Wich was at a different position as the pen the last time it checked.

Could WinUAE move the real mouse to the position of the pen or to the upper left corner once the pen is used?
Something like force 0;0 for the coordinates of the Amiga mouse as long as the pointer is moved by the pen or disable all input events for the mouse.

@hexaae: Yes thats true. Just let it use it's own screen.

EDIT2: in Xi Paint it is possible to define a range from -9999 to 30000. If I set it from 0-30000 it has the maximup pressure when I push the tip in around 40%. Thats exactly how far I have to press it to show me ~30000 in the Wacom tool.

When I pass that point it stops drawing untill I release pressure.

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