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I not doubt that most Software is bloated. You develop in a IDE and then compile for your target (like in Hollywood) and lots of stuff is added, some certainly not necessary but nobody cares today. When I compile something in Delphi f.e. the whole class library is added so you get a 25-30 MB exe that just opens a empty window. You could optimise it partly but I have never looked at because it is not relevant. In the time Amiga was a mainstream platform RAM was very very expensive and expecially amiga lacked it a lot (next to processor power) and even worse A500 with disc drives was standard for gaming so developers had to invest a lot of time to shrink it down to discs and optimize it for the slow amiga hardware, that made porting expensive, adding low sales it was one of the reasons why amiga died finally because nobody was willing to invest lots of time in a shrinking platform. I know that people left in community prefer "non-bloated for amiga optimized" software but that is hardly attracting commercial developers from outside (unfortunately).
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