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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
You have to look at the current situation and the reasons, "Why don't we have or receive 68k Amiga software?" before, "What Software does 68K Amiga need?" or this thread is dreaming and should be moved to the Off Topic portion of the forum. Currently, the 68k Amiga is getting only a handful of new productivity software applications per year which are mostly ports and the quality is generally poor. There are a few more games per year for the 68k Amiga including a few originals with quality varying. This is the Amiga scene forum so maybe we need a poll. The Amiga scene is...

1) almost dead
2) next to dead
3) dead
4) pancakes

I bet pancakes wins because Amiga users don't want to address reality or face the problems. I may seem pessimistic but I am one of the people who has tried to improve the situation but few want to help a dead platform and from the outside the Amiga and 68k are perceived as being long dead.
it depends how you define "dead" here. In the sense of becoming a competitive platform on a similar level as the mainstream platforms it is totally dead and will never become live there again. That has to do with the fact that it died commercially 15-20 years ago and development outside has not stopped, that has to do with how software is created today with of course no support for Amiga now. That has to with the way f.e. games are created today. The chance to get any new software from commercial developers for a market with only thousands of potential buyers (already optimistic guess) is zero. Applications are even potential more risky, in the old times many of the applications were written by students but amiga today does not exist anymore, students today certainly are neither knowing of it nor interested to support it. The existing users are mainly retro people, that want to run the old software (expecially games) on the hardware, if possible faster of course. They want to use the old OS, perhaps updated hardware, but it is a retro community. Something I did not see (or better not wanted to see) myself and now understand. So it really depends what you expected of the future. I would not say dead, there will be some development, some home-brew software, some ports. If you think of a competitive platform in todays terms it is dead.
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