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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
This is very true but only due to the sheer incompetence of the publisher of the MegaDrive and FM Towns versions since both machines were perfectly able to better the Amiga version without breaking a sweat.
But the same could be said with hundreds of crappy Amiga ports, that were made with a tiny fraction of the staff and budget, doesn't mean the Amiga was incapable.
But anyway this thread is turning into if's and but's.

I think a lot of early DOS games had similar graphics when VGA started to kick in, some of the scrolling was awful though in comparable games, and music wise the Amiga had it covered until expensive soundblaster cards came out. The strengths were again 3D stuff as Amiga's were budget gaming computers in comparison and never competed in that area.

Alot of American publishers left the Amiga first so DOS stuff there generally was better if the Amiga got a port, it was usually ported the higher user base of the A500 instead of the more capable A1200.

But on the other hand European publishers got the most out of the Amiga and hundreds of games were released on the Amiga first or at the same time and ported across to PC/console after.
I think you can include most games from Bitmap Brothers, Team 17, Psygnosis, Renegade, Cinemaware as having the best version on the Amiga among many others publishers, its such a big list, i think its probably better just when you want to play a particular game play it on each format and decide, sometimes its more fun to compare like that!
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