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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Thats not the point i'm making. Other than Nintendo's logos, not all the games images will be from de facto Nintendo produced games. I fail to see how Nintendo could enforce copyright game images to games they hold no copyright to.

If anyone wants to get bitchy about that, it would be LJN, Akklaim, Konami etc, etc, etc, the ACTUAL copyright holders of the games in question.

Thats no different to me taking action against people hosting Kickstart ROMS for Amigas when I don't hold the copyright.
That wasn't my point either

From Nintendo's POV this project wouldn't be worth making without their products, I doubt they even care about Konami or LJN's property in that respect. So they are looking at it as other people making money in-part from their copyrights.

Looking at the kickstarter page, they have only mentioned games they made as being infringing their copyright. I agree it's a bit over the top for 8 bit screen grabs from 30 year ago but i'm playing devils advocate here.

They could easily have done a deal for a share of any money made.
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