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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Actually, what the Amiga needs is a working, up-to-date shared library for SSL/SSH so that we don't fill our hard drives with lots of applications that statically link to their own version of SSL, rendering multi-megabyte binaries.
Regarding "multi-megabyte binaries", OpenSSL for Amiga 68k on Aminet requires 8mb RAM, ixemul-48.0, WB 3.x, and relies on an additional random device handler.

There is also the AmiSSL library which have known vulnerabilities and is kind of slow, at least when using it with iBrowse. The source code (SAS/C) is available for the AmiSSL library I linked, so if someone feel like taking a look at that, go ahead. EDIT: Just noticed that Jens Maus has been active with recent commits to the AmiSSL repository so perhaps a new release is on the way.

Personally I think a lightweight 'ssh' port is more interesting to implement.

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