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Re: Best pure DOS emulators!!

Mess for dos? As you can see it's still mantained.

May 22nd, 2003
The DOS port of MESS has been updated to 0.68.
You can try a lot of platforms with this ( dunno if it's fast or not ).

Also mame.

Originally posted by Bloodwych
Many of us here are familiar with windows based emulators but what are the best programs for good old but nearly forgotten pure DOS mode?

The reason I'm asking is my old PC is gagging for some constructive use apart from playing PC DOS games. It wants to churn out some quality titles anbd become a pure EMU gaming machine.

Its fantastic specs read as follows:

P233MMX running at 225 (75Mhz bus speed) - might try and overclock this to 260+ if EMUs are slow.
Intel 430TX
1 MB Trio 64V+

This machine isn't powerful enough to run some windows based emulators and even if it was, I'd rather run them on my Athlon XP.

It should be able to handle DOS emu's however, as they require much less power. So EABers, which are the best?

Here is a preliminary list:

Amiga - Fellow.
Atari ST - Pacifist.
Master System - Meka
Arcade - Dos mame with front-end.
C64 - CCS64

erm, that's about as far as I've got.

So.... How are my choices so far?

And what about the best DOS emu's (if they exist) for:

Atari 2600
Acorn machines - beeb, electron, archimedes.
Amstrad CPC's
Vic 20
ect..... just suggest any retro DOS emu's for old school PCs!

Thanks kidders!
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