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Sent to me by my 'source'

Hey Guys,

sorry again. I was really sick this week and so i really just can´t move on. But
really good news by start of the week, the boxes arrived. 500 Big Boxes that I
fold right now. (500 front an backsides...yes, hell of a work but i love it). Just
two things missing right now. The manual and 1 CDs of the package. The
manuals where send back by the delivery service and i don´t know why
because the same company sends me the poster, postcards. But they are
again on the way to me. but i will call them direct tomorrow morning and you
get and update.

But once again, when i start shipping i can´t send all the pre-orders at one day.
need a couple of days to deliver all the pre-orders to the postal service.
Everyone gets then an update via mail with a tracking number.

So sorry again, but these things are not in my hand.When i send out the first
packages, the pre-order for Rocket Ranger - Extended Collector´s Cut" starts.
Shipping there is (really) expected August/September 2016.

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