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SWOS Bug reporting......

Right, put off doing this update for as long as I can, now I can't, it needs doing.

So, i've been messaged over the past couple of days from a few guys, but need answers to a few questions as i'm not that au fait with SWOS to be perfectly honest.

I've spent some time today collating all the different versions, and I will probably just do one version at a time, because the code for all the different versions is pretty big.

So, the questions:

1). Were there any differences in CAREERS between the many versions of SWOS? Sensible have put in a specific check if you try and load a CAREER from another version.

2). What other differences that are file loading/save dependent are relevant between different versions?


Bugs/things to be fixed:

1). Career loading between versions doesn't work
2). Ingame slowdown on much faster processors (which variants?)
3). OCS/ECS SWOS to implement
4). Savegame adaptation to allow any save game from any memory configuration to work

What else needs doing?

Then intention will be to upload a BETA slave for people to playtest and confirm bug fixing or bugs still remaining.

Once one version of SWOS is fixed, then we move onto the next in line.
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