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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
I'm getting that vibe at EAB, the topic here is "What Software does 68K Amiga need?", with emphasis on 68k (not NG).
You have to look at the current situation and the reasons, "Why don't we have or receive 68k Amiga software?" before, "What Software does 68K Amiga need?" or this thread is dreaming and should be moved to the Off Topic portion of the forum. Currently, the 68k Amiga is getting only a handful of new productivity software applications per year which are mostly ports and the quality is generally poor. There are a few more games per year for the 68k Amiga including a few originals with quality varying. This is the Amiga scene forum so maybe we need a poll. The Amiga scene is...

1) almost dead
2) next to dead
3) dead
4) pancakes

I bet pancakes wins because Amiga users don't want to address reality or face the problems. I may seem pessimistic but I am one of the people who has tried to improve the situation but few want to help a dead platform and from the outside the Amiga and 68k are perceived as being long dead.
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