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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Now, whether memory protection is worth the cost on an underpowered 030 is a valid debate to have but then again why would I want to work regularly on such a machine?
Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
Just like anything else really, because it has the software that suits one's needs/wants. If not, then that's fine too......people can stick with regular use of a modern PC/Mac/WHY.
Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Yes, to each their own. Which is why I used "work" rather than "use".
I understood what you were getting at in your post, but I'm not sure that you have in kind if you're intimating that my reference to "use" missed your point. That's why I used "software" as opposed to games and regular "use" referred to work in the context that you mentioned it (and, in itself, doesn't exclude work of course).

There are very few productivity tasks that it would want to do directly on an Amiga when I have a much slicker/faster and more practical OS and hardware on the side.
That's your choice obviously, but the OS and hardware doesn't guarantee quality software. Poor software is poor software is poor software period (and poor = unintuitive = user-unfriendly = non-existent etc., as the case may be). That's why quite a few people still prefer to do pixelling and music-making, for instance, on older platforms. I can certainly understand where some of these people are coming from. I recently tried out a few recommended pixelling apps for PC and they were abysmally unintuitive and counter-productive to regular work with them. Gimme PPaint any day of the week and twice on Sundays thanks! Equally, gimme AutoCAD, Cinema 4D etc. for PC/Mac for 3D modelling.

I understand that some people like to do things "the old way", such as a walking pilgrimages, rustic holidays in old walls close to the chimney fire and such, and sometimes I enjoy it myself, but on a daily basis there is no question that modern stuff is better.
There can be no absolutes for mine simply because individuals vary widely in the daily work needs/wants they have of their computer systems. If a modern platform did cater to all more-than-casual computer users, then the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Intel etc. wouldn't have any serious competition in their respective core markets.

All-in-all it doesn't sound like you've used a high-end classic Amiga for any great length of time (and perhaps other retro 16/32-bit platforms) and experienced some of the very good serious niche software available.....particularly that which came out in the latter days of the Ami. When that's true, it makes it hard in this instance for one to make a comparison of retro and modern platforms and offer a balanced POV.

This said, playing good games is always cool, something that was fun in old times can still be fun today and the machines will never be outdated in this regard.
Some might say the same about certain areas of productivity, and they wouldn't always be off the mark either Horses for courses, horses for courses......

Originally Posted by Ratteler View Post
I'm dreaming here, but I would love OpenOffice and Blender3D.
Gimp, Inkscape, and FreeCAD wouldn't hurt either.
+1 for Gimp - great little gfx app!

Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
I'm getting that vibe at EAB, the topic here is "What Software does 68K Amiga need?", with emphasis on 68k (not NG).
Yep, and I wish the mods would step in and advise them to either start their own threads or take it to PM/ etc. instead of continually spiralling off-topic into neverending hair-splitting/pissing contests and hijacking other people's threads. People have PM'd me recently about this problem, which I can't say has happened before with any frequency in the 15 years here on EAB.

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