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Welcome back ;-)
3.1 ROMs are fairly cheap and will give you better upgrade options..
Should you decide to get the Vampire 1200 when the day comes, you'll need 3.1 anyway. (If you haven't seen the Vampire thing, its an expansion based around an FPGA that contains both a 68k compatible CPU that's much faster than a 060 + gives you RTG graphics, so you can actually output RTG through HDMI)

Also, if you want to go online, WB3.9 will make your life easier and that one also wants ROM 3.1
An unexpanded 1200 with 3.0 will not be a very enjoyable online experience ;-)
If you want something that's mostly a RAM expansion, the ACA 1221 card is fairly affordable (if available). Gives you RAM and a faster 020.
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