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Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
The 3DO version is great, then you have the playstation and saturn versions up to the dreamcast and playstation 2 versions which will be arcade perfect. However this game was never released on the snes or 16bit consoles, I think you mean SSF2 the new challengers? in which case the snes version has it I agree.
SSF2T on A1200 expanded makes use of the specific hardware registers of the AGA machines.

It's rubbish because they have ported a kludge made on the PC version without which the game would never had been able to run on the IBM machines.

Problem : the guys behind the conversion never removed this kludge, and you have the result : missing frames, when those are in the files of the A1200 version !

Gametek were really jerks for not even making a musician convert the music for the disk version. Stupid beyond anything !

A case where it could have been great, and they fucked it big time !

The AGA version use 7 bitplans, and is in 128 colors.
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