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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I am not sure why you only thought of these pessimistic possibilities.
Why not the simplest reason: because they think it is a cool idea which does not cost them anything?
Thorham must have contacted the Grimrock creators to get permission. These were just the 2 most likely cases I considered.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Aren't you generalizing out of thin air?
Elites? Burn bridges? Choosing to code on a modern machine does not make anyone an elitist, there is no law which forces anyone to like retro coding. People have priorities and we have no business deciding these in their stead.
"Then they wonder why[...]". When did the Grimrock guys wonder about anything? It looks like you are creating a whole ecosystem in your head which has no relation whatsoever with the actual situation.

I am not sure why the Grimrock guys can be faulted for anything Amiga wise. They were kind enough to give Torham access to their IP for free, why does that reflect in any way for the sorry state of Amiga development (according to you)? They have no more obligations to the Amiga community than anyone else on the planet.
I'm not criticizing the Grimrock creators at all. They sound like great guys to allow their materials to be used. I don't blame them for not doing a port to the Amiga which is dead. I'm criticizing the Amiga owners which are a hindrance to the Amiga. They keep on... emulated Amigas outnumbered NG Amigas. PPC dies and only handicapped embedded CPUs are used. emulated Amigas outperformed NG Amigas. FPGA Amigas outnumbered NG Amigas.

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I'm not sure why anyone ought to do anything that you deem to be important. If you want some change, then impulse it and see if others follow you but if no one cares then you have your answer: other people's priorities differ from your own and that is it.

Be the change you want to see in the world and do not expect others to do it for you.
I have been programming and developing toward what I believe the Amiga needs (compiler enhancement). It is difficult for me to get people to work toward supporting the Amiga, standards and enhancements when the 68k AmigaOS is not developed and all the Amiga groups are going different directions. I am very frustrated with the current situation. We are getting a 2nd chance with FPGA technology and wasting it. The Amiga has been going nowhere for decades but the status quo is still the name of the non-game. Sad.
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