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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
Yes, it would be much slower than Wintel, but I would like to see it done with the UAE newer releases for a "proof of concept". I love hardware emulation/simulation of any machine and I think that is too cool to launch old programs from the Workbench desktop, be it 68k or NG.
I'd sure love to see an optimised port of a newer release for PPC. A "proof of concept" 68K port would be a fair bit of work for little reward IMHO, not to mention it's a bit nuts running 68K emulation on a 68K Amiga when you have WHDLoad patches, degraders etc.

That said, I vote to see more emulators ported for Amiga, not only UAE, but newer fMSX versions, OpenMSX, Nestopia UE, FCEUX, SDLTRS, ATARI800, STEEM, etc. I LOVE hardware emulators/simulatorsof any kind, even old LCD handheld ones.
Now this is something I'd like to see! More up-to-date net and Office suites would be very much welcome too.

I really would like to see NovaCoder to port one of that, unfortunately he is not porting any games anymore and probably he is not programming anything on the Amiga anymore too, but I wish to him luck, thanks for all the fish. I hope someday for him with all that luck to go back to the scene and start porting that f**king apps for us.
Yep, he burnt brilliantly like a firework while he had the time and energy to devote to the Ami scene.......but unfortunately for us he probably has a real life to get on with and enjoy! I wish him luck and hope he returns one day too!!
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