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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Yeah, I've been thinking about a DM clone for 68030+AGA, I even have permission to use the Grimrock 2 assets (just pre-render with Blender, easy), but I'm lazy
Do you know the ex-Amiga guys coders personally or did you contact them about a port to the Amiga and they were sympathetic to the Amiga's demise?

Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
I was going to say that maybe we are 100% in off topic territory now but actually this is my answer to the thread main question:
I think this is on topic and gets to the root of everything that is wrong about the Amiga. The Grimrock games are high quality indie/fan games based on classic 2D RPG Amiga games (especially Dungeon Master) by some ex-Amiga coders which made it to Linux, OS X and even iOS but *not* back to any Amiga. This reflects on the sad state of the Amiga in so many ways I don't need to repeat. The NG Amiga systems have good enough specs to run Grimrock type games but the snobbish elites like to burn bridges and road block other paths with more Amiga people. Then they wonder why they don't have software development even when they subsidize it. Only Amiga makes it impossible.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I would suggest rather than to have just AGA how about an RTG output option as well - for the more expanded machines =)

You could fix the screen size (640x480 ish) just the colour depth to 16 or 24 bit. A 16/24bit RTG version could reduce the processing of assets as 16bit (64k colours) and 24bit (16.7Million colours) are obviously far easier produce than a (heavily) optimised 8bit (256 colour screen)
It depends on how the lighting is to be done. The original DM changed the color maps (in the CLUT) to darker versions of the same colors to quickly and efficiently darken the environment. Chunky modes would likely take more processing power to change each pixel, not to mention the higher resolutions. If converting Grimrock games to the Amiga, it would probably be easier to use 32 bit (and maybe 16 bit) chunky like the original but creating a new game with the Grimrock gfx, it may be better to support AGA and 8 bit (CLUT) RTG modes. The minimum specs would require an accelerator, fast memory and AGA or RTG but still be quite reasonable.
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