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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Yeah, I've been thinking about a DM clone for 68030+AGA, I even have permission to use the Grimrock 2 assets (just pre-render with Blender, easy), but I'm lazy
That would be quite epic and a project I would really enjoy developing too (you have my envy)

I thoroughly enjoyed both Grimrock 1 & 2 - very fun games indeed!

I would suggest rather than to have just AGA how about an RTG output option as well - for the more expanded machines =)

You could fix the screen size (640x480 ish) just the colour depth to 16 or 24 bit. A 16/24bit RTG version could reduce the processing of assets as 16bit (64k colours) and 24bit (16.7Million colours) are obviously far easier produce than a (heavily) optimised 8bit (256 colour screen)
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