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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Yeah, I've been thinking about a DM clone for 68030+AGA, I even have permission to use the Grimrock 2 assets (just pre-render with Blender, easy), but I'm lazy
Man, I wish I did not have other projects to tackle because this is definitely a nice prospect and I would offer to work with you on that.

This said I was thinking of an OCS/68k/1M target. Dungeon Master does a lot of gamy things excellently but it is not a technical gem and there are many aspects of it which could be improved upon. Its competitors on the Amiga have offered much improved graphics and different gameplay but regressed UI wise and were not daring enough gameplay wise (even if I like BlackCrypt a lot).

Even Grimrock actually falls short in many places. Compared to DM design wise, UI wise, and gameplay wise it is as if they failed to identify why DM was great and thus did not know what should have been maintained and improved upon. It is pleasant but only because current machines are powerful and 3D assisted: the graphics luster kind of hides the poor(er) gameplay and design.

I was going to say that maybe we are 100% in off topic territory now but actually this is my answer to the thread main question:

68k Amiga need:
- a new DM clone, technically as excellent as SOTB was and richer than DM was.
- a report of most Amiga arcade ports.
- and this for this to happen: good cross compiling toolchains, remote debuggers, console-development-kit-like hardware and corresponding software.
- also, a coder friendly mini OS to assist loading/executing/debugging of programs from a remote machine
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