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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
how about they just start asking permission from the copyright holders before reproducing their artwork
They do not have to, the fair use exemption exists for a reason and this type of book qualifies 100%. Nintendo stands no chance in court from a theoretical standpoint. Alas, under the US court system they have a chance to outspend the defendant before he has a chance to make his (fairly simple) case.

Also, it is usually difficult to shut a book before its publication in most locales since the product content is still highly hypothetical and there are protection for authors but here Nintendo benefits from the fact that they can prevent not the book but the founding from happening.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
I'd like to add that the thread title should be changed to "How not to treat your fan business", because this is business-to-business.

While an Amiga book of this kind might sell in the thousands, a similar Nintendo book could, given luck, sell hundreds of thousands of copies.
Astute observation. This is completely counterproductive indeed and shows that one's own lawyers can end up damaging your bottom line even if lightly and indirectly.
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