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Originally Posted by onkelarie View Post
Silkworm, also better than the arcade version imho
This is very true as far as the gameplay is concerned.
On other aspects such as sound or graphics, the arcade version clearly retains the edge (which does not mean the Amiga version looks or sounds bad, rather the contrary) but it is true that this does not matter so much since the Amiga version is miles more enjoyable to play.

Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
Pang is better than the arcade version, which is highly unusual.
Is it really? I think they are fairly close but the arcade is full screen and boasts bigger sprites if I recall correctly. Both play equally well admittedly.

Also, I am shocked () that you did not mention Dungeon Master!

Originally Posted by Superman View Post
Shadow of The Beast
This is very true but only due to the sheer incompetence of the publisher of the MegaDrive and FM Towns versions since both machines were perfectly able to better the Amiga version without breaking a sweat. (Note that I am saying publisher not developer.)

Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I saw a video a bit ago doing game comparisons that said the Amiga version of Snow Bros was the best out there..
It's on my list to try out, but i haven't tried it yet... So not sure..
True, the video comes from the RetroCore Battle of the Ports series and it is notable that Mark (the author) usually has a slight pro-ST bias and was quite happy to find a really good Amiga version. ( [ Show youtube player ])
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