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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
There's a need to protect IP and trademarks which is fine, this is neither, makes Nintendo look like assholes...which tbf have always been to publishers from their NES days.
Mario and the likes are still big business for Nintendo though - they have every right to protect their IP (even though it may seem extreme). The author of this visual compendium should have consulted with Nintendo and asked -- then to make matters worse the author has defaced Nintendo's trademarked logo - a big no no, that would surely piss Nintendo off no end!

Really if you are doing something like this with a 'live' (big) business such as Nintendo then you need to be very very careful and do things to the letter.

Look at the chap on here who got into trouble with Studio Peyo over a Smurfs game he created (and that was freeware!)

edit: as a side note, if anyone has done a Kickstarter and not obtained permission then I would live in fear of an IP holder coming after and suing me! You could (potentially) lose everything.
If you ended up in court your legal costs would be astronomical - Nintendo's lawyers would squash you like a bug

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