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CrossDOS first came about in Workbench 2.1 I believe. So you'd need that and a matching ROM in the Amiga to go that route. You would also need a utility on the Windows side to write ADF images sector by sector unless they just contained standard files. If they are standard files then you can write them to an IBM single-density disk - put a piece of tape over the hole in the case in the upper left when the disk label is facing you, the side without the little plastic flap you can move to write-protect the disk. If the disks aren't standard files then everything becomes much more complicated. You could look into some kind of null-modem serial connection and terminal software to transfer them over a cable from the IBM compatible to the Amiga and write the disk along the way on the Amiga side. The problem with that kind of idea is that the hardware, at least on the IBM compatible side, is now so old and obsolete that it is almost impossible to find to even attempt it.
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