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Someone had this email on 3rd June:

DotC - ECE Shipping starts soon
Hey Guys,

this update is "only" for DotC-ECE. But first just a small information at first.
Media covers the story that Cinemaware was sold to Starbreeze. That is not
correct. Starbreeze acquires the right for the Games and the Name.
Cinemaware Retro is not part of this. The "Extended Collectors Edition"-Series
will move on.

So right now a short update. The shipping starts now within the next 5-15 days.
Right now most of the material arrived, is shipped to me or is in production.

Poster (arrived and folding in progress)
Postcards arrived
Sticker arrived
Seal-Sticker arrived
Manual (shipping)

CDs (in Production)
Box (in Production)

So right now, its not in my hands. Shipping starts with the first orders. Also the
first of you will get a status update and tracking-id in the couple of days. So I
get the package ready for shipping.

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