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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Sysinfo 3.24 shows different speed results if you start it once, then move a few windows or do "avail flush" and restart it. I guess that the speed test code is depending very much on cache line alignment: If the core routine can take advantage of a full burst (4 longwords), it's faster and shows a higher value, although the machine is identical.

Is it possible to re-align the routine in fastmem to an address that has the lower 4 bits =0? Or even "configurable", so the routine is shifted in memory by 1-3 long words and the four values of four speed runs are shown in some debug window? Would be great to have the speed rating reproducable.

Another tool I use in accelerator development is "Bustest". Sometimes I think that an additional "speed" button on a memory list entry would be nice. Well, if you want additional items on your todo list ;-)

Yes, "LoadSeg" and AllocMem doesn't align to large enought block, have some code that tries to solve that but found problems with the CPU detection so it is not finished yet.

Interesting suggestion adding the possibility to run the code at any memory list entry. Will experiment with that while solving the alignment. Is it really neccessary to have it configurable, don't you always want it aligned if burstmode is supported?
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