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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
A new operating system that's NOT compatible with AmigaOS.
Originally Posted by b0lt-thrower View Post
You mean m68k BSD?
Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
No, I don't. I mean an OS that does what AOS does, only better and faster with optional memory protection.
Originally Posted by ExiE View Post
Do you remember QNX4? Posix compatible system with GUI and browser on one 3.5" floppy. This one was IMHO one of the best chances Amiga ever had and blow on software field.
Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
QNX is a lot slower than AOS.
How about BeOS then (or Haiku as the open source version is known now)?

If it isn't too heavy for 68K (perhaps a lite version if it is?), then there would be a reasonable foundation of software ready to use if someone managed an optimised port to Amiga. Also, it's probably one of the most clean Amiga-like operating systems that has been developed since AmigaOS.

Are you the guy who used to run Czech Amiga News?

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