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Yeah there's probably hundreds that are better than there DOS counterparts from 85-92, the ones that are 'better' taking the crappy actual DOS out of the equation are flight sims and vector games, but then you needed a more expensive PC to get those framerates.

But anyway most Pinball games were better, awful scrolling on DOS, Lemmings is much better, 2 player mode, better music.

Again its always hard to compare against a non conform platform as the PC, if you could buy a VGA 386 pc for £399 in 1992 i'm sure i would have probably bought one for Wing Commander, flight sims etc but the simple fact is you couldn't, in the UK it wasn't until the MegaPC in late 1993 the first 386 was released for under £1000! So its like for like comparisons of games esp in hindsight when people play these games in dosbox at full settings, res, framerate and think it was the norm for every PC when in reality it wasn't is misleading, anyway sorry gone off topic a little.
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