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Cool Coldcut & record companies

I am always a bit mystified by music provided by Coldcut. I know these artists produced two games on the Amiga: Top Banana and Fill 'em which used music from their EPs. I assumed their games were a marketing-trick to sell more music CDs.
Later CD-releases by Coldcut always were full with music-tracks, multimedia thingies and games by the way.

About Renegade and Rhythm King Records:
Renegade is not the first softwarecompany which originated from a records company. Delphine Software International (of Another World, Flashback, Moto Racer fame) is/was part of Delphine Records.
Fact is, both Renegade and Delphine have published the finest quality games on Amiga.

I always imagined what games would be created when software-daughters of little creative record-companies like Warp-records or Ninja Tune would come up with. Their games would be highly original but Joe Public wouldn't buy it because it does not look and play like Sonic, Quake or whatever.

Shameless plug: There is an interesting article on my site about Renegade which appeared in Zero magazine in 1990.
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