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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
The Search for Sharla, had been scrapped well before Thalamus' demise.
Apparently this one was, indeed, scrapped on all formats......because the development company (Esprit) ran into financial difficulties and couldn't pay their coders. Thalamus ultimately pulled the plug, though, as the game ran way over time and budget.

Interestingly, the former head-honcho of Esprit Software Lance Mason reckons he still has an Amiga demo too. I wonder if aGTW has been in contact with him......

Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Street Warriors (1993, Amiga)
Restrictor (1993, Amiga)
Given the time frame, looks like Street Warriors was a beat-em 'up being developed in France for the Atari Falcon too (see HERE). Nothing more heard after that from what I can tell.

Also Restrictor was supposedly being developed by Tiertex (or was it Arc?), but yep Thalamus' demise put paid to the release. Probably no big loss if Tiertex was involved in the development, though!

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