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Well, I figured it out. It only took me four install attempts (with a long copy from CD for each). I was not attaching the file system library to the hard drive image. The button that pops up a file requester in L: where you choose the corrosponding driver for the layout you chose.

I also installed it as a stock Amiga, no UAE indirect, no Zorro, nothing, just Blizzard PPC and AGA. Once I had it installed I then copied over the UAEgfx libraries and chose the appropriate mode. With the Z2 being limited to 8MB of RAM on it @ 1920x1080 I'm only 16 bit color. But that's ok, 65536 colors is still fine.

The performance isn't as great as the CSPPC but I don't care too much about that: 200MB of Free RAM sitting at the desktop.

Edit: I also chose the Fast File System for the hard drive. I don't know if that was the "optimal" file system but it's working fine enough.

Edit2: I was also under the mistaken assumption that Zorro III cards didn't work on an A1200. That is incorrect. So I switched over to UAE Zorro III for the graphics and gave it 64MB of RAM to get a 24bit desktop with an alpha channel.

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