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Looking for a step-by-step guide to install BPPC on A1200 in WinUAE

I followed this guide for CSPPC:

And it works fine. However, I cannot adapt it to BPPC. I have managed to go through the installer once but on the reboot I got the insert floppy screen and the HD wouldn't boot. Another attempt it did boot but immediately stopped with errors about the hard drive filesystem.

Googling led me to this guide for BPPC:

But it is utter crap. Google translate doesn't do it justice and the screenshots are missing big steps between each one.

If someone can link me a A1200 WinUAE BPPC guide I'd be eternally grateful, and along with the above A4000 CPPC guide you'd think the two should be a stickied and possibly locked thread.
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