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Originally Posted by BlankVector View Post
00035AFA 03c9 fff9                [ MVPRM.L D1,(A1, -$0007) == $007fcb1b ]
00035AFC fff9                     ILLEGAL
[ opcode ] means instruction is not supported by selected CPU and it is by design to only increase PC by 2 in this case (because most likely reason was attempt to dissemle from mid instruction)

3) When "Unimplemented CPU emu" is checked, the program fails with "Illegal instruction". I didn't expect that, because as far a I understand that checkbox should have emulated the missing movep.
This looks like an incomplete missing instructions emulation, WinUAE should be fixed for that.
Works for me. If "umimplemented CPU emu" is ticked, MOVEP.L executes normally.

4) When "Unimplemented CPU emu" is not checked, it fails with an exception number 61 "Unimplemented Integer Instruction". I don't know if this is accurate or not, intuitively I would have expected a classic "Illegal Instruction Exception".
This is correct. 68060 separates between invalid and unimplemented instructions (=emulated by Motorola 68060 software package, included with 68060.library)
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