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1) Fix up the Blizzard PPC QEMU emulation for the "io bits" or whatever the root cause.
Not going to happen without more documentation. (if there is even any problems)

This is pure "not enough information" case. Not even information to know if there actually is something wrong!

2) Write a SCSI driver for Blizzard so that hard drive access matches Cyberstorm.

For your reply, are you interested in either of these, will they eventually happen anyway, and would you accept a bounty to get them to happen faster. If a bounty, how much and where can I donate what I can in the hopes others would too?
DMA based 68k drivers won't work in OS4 and I won't create any drivers from scratch. It is far too painful. (without huge donations, at least).

I have volunteered to debug (and fix if possible) apparently already existing but buggy BPPC SCSI driver using emulation. Nothing has happened. As usual.


And for the last time: emulator can't help with RAM issues. It is pure OS/software problem. It would be like modifying PC emulator to "enable" dos support more than 640k of base ram. It is not doing to happen without updating/patching dos itself.
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