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I am waiting on my forum account to be activated over at Hyperion. Once that happens then I will do.

The only reason I am asking for BPPC enhancements is the 128MB limit in CSPPC. As said, at an empty workbench you have half your memory free of 128MB but in the Blizzard you have three-quarters free of 256MB.

And alternate, if Hyperion is not interested at all, is that instead of BPPC fixes create some kind of solution that allows more than 128MB for CSPPC. The goal is more RAM available to a PPC regardless of implementation.

Edit: One other thing to consider is that the Cyberstorm PPC and Picasso IV ROMs are part of the Amiga Forever 2016 purchase. So if CSPPC RAM increase was the eventual solution then there would be a full path to legal emulation for everything.

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