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Oh yeah the icons look real purty
The icons will stay that way, at least fo OS4.0. A major overhaul of the icon system is already part of the (uber-secret) OS4.1 feature list.


When you've got it finished, how about a native coldfire version, to go with the coldfire accelerators....
No chance. Hyperion will certainly not support 68k- (or Coldfire-) Amigas. It simply doesn't fit into their business plan. AFAIK, Bernd Mayer had licensed some OS4 modules for use in "Umilator" (the Amithlon-successor) from Hyperion - so your only chance would be that a third party steps up and tries to license a few OS4-modules (the new intuition-library and the new Reaction classes for example) with their existing product. The only party that could do that would be (IMHO) Cloanto (AmigaForever). A seperate distribution is out of question.
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